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Make Sure Worker’s Comp Claims are Legitimate

From January 1st to May 10, 2015, 657 claims and 574 cases of workers’ compensation had been filed in Arkansas alone. Of those, 263 claims and 230 cases had payments made on them. The total compensation + medical bills paid out for those was $24,406,506, for an average of $49,500 per claim and case [Source:]. If you believe that everyone who received their nearly $50,000 payment was entitled to it for a legitimate worker’s compensation issue, then feel free to stop reading right now. If, however, you have any question or curiosity about it, please consider this case study.

Case Study
Faced with an award of over a million dollars, a national insurance company believed there were plenty of red flags on the claim and asked us to conduct a surveillance to track the daily activities of a man who had claimed to have had his ankle crushed and was hardly able to walk. Our surveillance teams conducted over a dozen surveillances of the man’s residence, and he was observed conducting several activities around his house. We watched him slip off one afternoon to the local golf course, and from a distance we watched and videotaped him playing golf until late in the afternoon. Early the next morning, we returned and found two rental moving vans present at his house. After notifying the client and coordinating our efforts, we maintained a continuous surveillance for the next 17 hours. Our efforts found the man climbing steps while carrying heavy loads, helping to load heavy objects as he walked up loading ramps and running across the street and yard when caught in a sudden rain shower. We immediately provided our report and video to the client, who was able to contact the man as he returned to his home state. Result: he lost the entire claim and was forced to repay the amount that had been paid to him.

The fact is, not all workers’ compensation claims are legitimate, and false claims are fraud; plain and simple. The end result is no different than if the fraudulent employee was stealing from your cash box or bank account.

You should always have a professional investigation performed on workers’ comp claims. If you can’t afford to pay $50,000 for a false claim, imagine paying $50,000 many times over. Once an employee gets away with this kind of fraud, others are likely to try it too.

Arkansas Investigations offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are working with experts to protect your business from fraud. Let our highly skilled professional investigators save your business reputation and resources by conducting workers’ compensation investigations. Call us today at 501-605-0360.

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