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Find peopleLegal Investigative Services: Skiptracing and Finding People

Our job is to find the answers you need.

Who are you looking?

  • Missing witnesses
  • To serve legal process
  • Missing people
  • People who owe clients money
  • Heirs
  • Family members who have never met
  • A missing birth mother or father 
  • A son or daughter
  • A lost love

Finding people is an art, not a science:

We have subscriptions and licenses for over 23 different database systems, most of which are not available to the public. We also use the Internet to search public records, and we take full advantage of today’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not limited to the computer, we know where to go and how to find information when looking for people.

But we don’t just rely on the computer and the Internet to find people, because people can’t be reduced to words and numbers in a database. Finding people takes information, lots of it, but it also takes diligence, creativity, innovative methods, and the “sixth sense” that comes from more than 35 years of experience. It takes getting out in the field and doing old-fashioned legwork to find, follow, and eliminate or verify leads. And that’s what we do.

We’re very good at finding people, and we’re proud of our 80% success rate.

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Our Services:

  • Find records about the person
  • Search public records
  • Search public utilities
  • locate family, skiptraceSearch telephone records
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Interview witnesses
  • Document our findings


  • Recoup lost money
  • Recoup property
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Find people to serve legal process
  • Clients can be reunited with family they have not seen in a long time or never met
  • Learn medical history
  • Reunite with that long lost love

We provide you:

  • Thorough, fast and discreet responses to your needs using creative solutions
  • Ethical, professional and competent attention to your case
  • Clear, consistent and understandable reports that point out all the relevant issues
  • Unparalleled customer support and interaction
  • 24-hour-a day access

For a FREE consultation call us 24-hours-a day at 1-501-372-2202 or e-mail us.

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