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Cell Phone Data Recovery

Our job is to find the answers you need.

There’s more information on a cell phone than you know! All of this information can be invaluable.

We can help you find:

  • ‘Secret’ phone numbers
  • Sensitive text messages
  • Where someone has been
  • Who they know
  • With whom they have been talking
  • What they are saying
  • Pictures and files they have
  • Call logs
  • Contacts
  • Deleted data (including messages and images)
  • Owner information

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Our Services:

  • Analyze a phone
  • Uncover deleted text messages
  • Reveal lists of phone contacts and numbers
  • Recover messages


  • Know who your children are talking to or texting
  • Know who your significant other or spouse is in touch with on a regular basis
  • If needed, evidence for court

Depending on the model of the cell phone device, we can learn the following data:

  • SMS History (Text Messages)
  • Deleted SMS (Text Messages)
  • Phonebook (both stored in the memory of the phone and on the SIM card)
  • Call History
    • Received Calls
    • Dialed Numbers
    • Missed calls
    • Call Dates & Durations
  • Datebook
  • Scheduler
  • Calendar
  • To-Do List
  • Filesystem (physical memory dumps)
    • System Files
    • Multimedia Files (Images, Videos, etc.)
    • Java Files
    • Deleted Data
    • Quicknotes
    • More...
  • GPS Waypoints, Tracks, Routes, etc.
  • PDA Databases
  • E-mail
  • Registry (Windows Mobile Devices)

We can obtain data from over 2,700 models and model families.

recover text messagesBronze level forensic service - $475*. We call this our BRONZE service. This is the most basic service performed by our certified examiner. We will determine if we can access the phone then we will use our system to generate a report of the contents of the phone. This captures the files and data on the phone.) With this basic forensic analysis, we create a forensic image of the phone and provide a detailed report of all the data available on the phone. You can then perform your own analysis of this data. Quick, simple, forensically sound.

Silver level forensic service - $675*. This service includes the basic Bronze level of service and also adds a review by our examiner of the materials on the phone. The result is provided in a written report. Some analysis may be provided of the contents.

Gold level forensic analysis - $995*. It includes the services noted in the Bronze and Silver level services and also includes a complete analysis of the contents found on the phone in written form along with a personalized review and opinion of the findings from our examiner. We search for key words, images believed to be significant for your case and other special request items.  

Forensic Analysis for court or legal purposes add $400

If you are intending to utilize the results of any of the Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels of service for court or legal purposes we need to make sure we go that extra mile by providing proper chain of custody and proper handling of the data and our findings. We charge an additional $400 (excluding time and mileage for travel) above and beyond the basic charges. This doesn’t not include charges for testimony or preparation for any hearing.  

What NOT to expect

For our basic and non-forensic consulting services, we are limited to certain manufacturers and models. There are a number of cell phones that have no data connections (such as inexpensive pay-as-you-go phones). Support for a model may vary from only acquiring address entries to acquiring complete data dumps of the device. Model support is based on families. We may not be able to acquire some data from every model in that generation or family, and we cannot guarantee that all models listed will be supported. There are a number of factors that can cause a model that should be supported to return limited or no results. If a device has no data connection, has been flashed with a firmware update, has been unlocked to work on different networks, has been dropped and damaged, has had internal firmware failures, requires a different driver set, or one of many other conditions, we may not be able to gather information from that device. We may not be able to acquire any data even if the device has been tested. There is also the possibility that the manufacturer made changes within a family that may cause that model to not be supported. In these cases, we may be able to add support for the model by obtaining log files from attempted acquisitions or by simply finding new drivers for the model. In any case, we will work directly with our users until we find an answer to the problem; however some services may incur additional fees (which we will discuss with you before we conduct any additional services). Also keep in mind that phones are fragile devices and many times internal hardware failure, firmware updates, and many other circumstances can prevent data from being acquired even from supported models.

There are over 1.038 billion mobile telephone users. Each can have their own configuration. There are more than 15 major operator groups (telephone service providers) in the world and those in the US are at the bottom of that list. Each phone can have a unique configuration and each carrier can have their own unique configuration. According to our research ( there are over 6721 phone makes and models. It’s impossible to think that we could realistically analyze all of these different makes and model. To make it more equitable, realistic and cost effective we have established this process: *We charge $175 to determine if we can connect to the phone and determine if there is data on that phone. If we can successfully access the phone then the remainder of the fee is due. If we can’t access the phone then you are only charged $175 and no more. Unusual or extenuating circumstances could affect this structure but in 99% of the cases this is appropriate. That way you don’t end up paying a higher fee if we can’t access the phone.

If you have questions please give us a call at 501-605-0360, day or night. You can always call if you have special needs or requests.

You can ship your phone to us at Arkansas Investigations, 400 West Capital Ave, Suite 1700, Little Rock, AR 72201. We recommend FedEx or UPS. Always ask for a signature of the recipient. When you send the phone include the charger unit. Also include a return address label so we can return the device to you as soon as we have completed the exam.

We provide you:

  • Thorough, fast and discreet responses to your needs using creative solutions
  • Ethical, professional and competent attention to your case
  • Clear, consistent and understandable reports that point out all the relevant issues
  • Unparalleled customer support and interaction
  • 24-hour-a day access

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